About Summit

The largest meeting platform for Arab and international steel companies

Arab Iron and Steel Union (AISU) will hold its annual Summit  “16th Arab Steel Summit” on 23-24 October 2023 in Dubai – United Arab Emirates, which acquires special importance to what the Steel Arab Industry witnesses as changes in the light of perturbation that encounter the steel markets in different regions in the world.

Conjunction with the work of the conference, the Arab Iron and Steel Union is organizing the “International Iron and Steel Exhibition 2023”, which will constitute a suitable environment for companies to display their iron and steel products, innovations and modern technical solutions that help develop and diversify the productivity of the iron and steel industry, in addition to being the right place for producers to meet. Institutions and companies active in the field of iron and steel trade and technologists.

● You will participate in the largest meeting platform for Arab and international steel companies in the Arab world

Meet key producers

At the conference, you will meet all the main producers in the Arab world and know about their future plans and how to overcome the difficulties.

Listen to Key traders

This is your chance to listen directly from key senior merchants about the sourcing challenges they face, as they search for new sources.

A look at the present and future of the steel industry

Know about the present and future of the iron and steel industry in the Middle East and North Africa.

Get documented production and consumption rates from AISU

Our experts will share short- and long-term trends in steel consumption and production in Arab countries.

Green Steel

Find out what's on the horizon for producing carbon-free steel using green hydrogen and clean energy.

Latest steel industry technology

You will meet with the leading steel technology producers in the world to make the best decisions for the development of your plant.

الموضوعات الرئيسية

  • تداعيات الحرب الروسية الاوكرانية على صناعة الصلب.
  • الأزمات الاقتصادية العالمية وتأثيرها على صناعة الصلب العربية.
  • تأثير أسعار النفط والغاز على اقتصاديات صناعة الصلب.
  • فرص وتحديات الاستثمار في صناعة الصلب العربية
  • قدرة الدول العربية على انتاح صلب ذو قيمة مضافة
  • التكنولوجيات الجديدة ودورها في تحديث المصانع ذات الافران العالية
  • الطاقة المتجددة والتكنولوجيات الخالية من الكربون. ( الصلب الاخضر )
  • الاقتصاد الدائري ( الخردة الخضراء ) ودوره في التنمية المستدامة لصناعة الصلب .
  • نظم الصيانة الحديثة والسلامة والصحة والأمن الصناعي في صناعة الصلب.
  • المواد الاولية ومستلزمات الانتاج ومدى تأثيرها على مستقبل صناعة الحديد و الصلب العربية.
  • استراتيجيات التدريب في صناعة الحديد والصلب

Language of the conference is Arabic 

Arabic – English                         English – Arabic


  • Organizations, agencies and governmental bodies associated with trade and industry
  •  Companies producing steel and rolling
  • Steel production technology suppliers
  • Companies working in the field of iron and steel trade Suppliers of basic raw materials for the iron and steel industry 
  • Companies using iron and steel products
  • Technology equipment suppliers
  • Metal construction companies
  • Investors, Entrepreneurs and Consultants 
  • Companies operating in the engineering and construction industries
  • Logistics and freight companies
  • Scrap recycling companies and associated projects
  • Mining companies 
  • Engineering companies and construction companies 
  • Universities and research centres 
  • Financial and mineral institutions
  • News agencies and media workers